Madisonville Family Photographer {Roman and Olivia}

Madisonville Family Photographer {Roman and Olivia}

Sigh. I don’t even know where to begin with this one. This is a session I look forward to every year year after year. Remie has trusted me with capturing her precious family since Roman and Olivia were just one week old and the tinies little things! Their newborn session was one I would never forget. It was such a special moment in my photography journey. I remember seeing them at 6 months. Roman not quite sitting up and he had the sweetest little spiky fuzzy head! And Olivia would give me quite the stare down lol. Never upset. Perfectly content. Just very serious.

As a mother of two girls, I quickly became obsessed with a boutique brand of clothing called Well Dressed Wolf. I’ve had lot’s of pieces over the years but my favorite style has always been the pinafore. For Roman and Olivia’s one year session we put Olivia in a Naomi Rain pinafore I had and it was just about the sweetest thing everrrrrrr.

Oh my gosh looking at them so small makes me tear up! I think this was our last spring time session and for a few years we did fall family sessions so I was excited to do a spring one again. Last year I was selected to participate in the Snapped for a Cause fundraiser. I was sent an amazing one of a kind dress from Well Dressed Wolf to help raise money for the Mighty Acorn Foundation. I auctioned off a session and was ecstatic to see that one of my sweetest clients won. The dress they sent was a one-of-a-kind print Naomi pinafore. What are the odds?! I could not wait to see it on Miss Oliva!

Roman and Olivia 4 years (how!!!???)

I wanted so badly to photograph them by these white flowers I saw blooming earlier that week. We even moved their session date up. But when we got there the light was just too harsh. So we drove about 5 minute away to the landing in downtown Covington. It’s one of my favorite places. There was no shortage of things for Roman and Olivia to explore. They were the sweetest….exploring, finding all the sticks, picking flowers, playing ring-around-the-rosie…..And this year Olivia was alllllll smiles! She even said she wanted to come live with me lol.

I have to say, even though Roman and Olivia are the cutest pair on the planet, momma totally stole the show at their session this year. Remie looked sooooo amazing in this dress! Lovvvvvvved it!

I couldn’t love their session any more. I always leave it with a full heart.

Now booking fall family sessions. Fill out my contact form if you are interested in a spot on my calendar.

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