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Madisonville Family Photographer {Lauryn}

Madisonville Family Photographer {Lauryn}

I know I sound like a broken record but man I have some pretty incredible clients. They have stuck around as my business has grown and changed. I am beyond grateful for their support over the years. This precious family is no different. I was so excited to photograph them when they welcomed Felicity into the world. We didn’t do newborn photos with Emmett and I think Lauryn was watching how fast he was growing and was like we need to book a session asap lol. But he was the perfect age for family photos! And for giving big ole smiles.

I was so excited for their session after we styled everything at their consultation. You know I LOVE all things vintage and Lauryn picked out my FAVORITE 1930’s green dress for Felicity, Emmett and Preston were dressed to perfection and we found the perfect cream 1950’s dress for Chelsea. I ADORE how it turned out!


From oldest to youngest the cutest kids on the block.

And the whole gang together! Isn’t this so sweet!

fine art portrait of four children

One of my favorite things is getting a photo of mom and dad WITHOUT the kids. I love having those with my husband. Most of the time its complete chaos in the background but you would never know by looking at them. You just see love.

portrait of couple in love

And then the CUTEST family photo! There was actually a progression of these where Emmett started falling asleep then crashed. The thumb sucking was just the cherry on top!

stunning family portrait

I think the best part about my studio is being able to go outside to the most beautiful property in Covington. This oak tree never disappoints and has framed many families enjoying time together.

I have to mention momma’s dress…..this was her wedding dress that she dyed perfectly for this session! Isn’t that amazing!? I love how the fabric took the dye. Different shades of cream, peach, salmon maybe? SO pretty! And looked amazing with her beautiful red hair.

If you are interested in scheduling a family session, fill out my contact form HERE or email me at anniewhitakerphotography@gmail.com

Madisonville Family Photographer {Lauryn}

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