Lola Day 10 {New Orleans Newborn Photographer}

I love love love photographing babies.  I think y’all get that by now.  I love even more photographing siblings.  How fun it is to see what baby number 2 or 3 or 4 looks like compared to their older siblings!  I photographed Levon 3 years ago.  It’s hard to believe it has been that long.  Those were the days where I was packing up all of my newborn necessities, driving to clients homes, getting a workout in setting up for the session, challenging myself trying to find the best light in the house….oh my goodness.  It was work!  I am so grateful my sweet hubby let me convert a room in our house into a studio for my previous newborns.  I never have to leave my girls who are playing in the room next door.  It also allows me to use studio lighting and have more variety in what props I use because I’m not dragging things around.  I remember I was lucky for Levon’s session.  Their beautiful home had the most perfect windows.  So I found a spot and went to work 🙂

Introducing Lola

Fast forward three years and Levon is now big brother to sweet Lola.  They made the trip to Covington and I was so glad they did.  I couldn’t believe how much Lola looked like Levon. Same shape of the face, same lips, same skinny feet.  It’s so funny how siblings can be so similar yet so different.  When they  arrived she was wide awake looking around.  She stayed awake the whole car ride and was ready to eat when they arrived.  After a quick snack she was fast asleep and good to go.

Peaches and Cream

She was amazing on the bean bag.  I got one set up after another without a peep. I always love when moms of little girls select a color besides PINK.  I mean I do love pink but it’s nice to mix things up.  She was SO pretty on peach.

Lola Day 10 {New Orleans Newborn Photographer

Annnnnd I don’t think it gets cuter that a baby in a bear bonnet…..

beautiful newborn girl sleeping on peach backdropNewborn girl on peach backdrop in froggy pose

I wanted to mix things up and do a cream set up….but Lola had other ideas lol.  She wanted mom.  Which is perfectly fine.  So after a quick snack I tried again.  She wanted nothing to do with the fuzzy set up I had ready for her.  She wanted to look around.  I was surprised at how alert she was especially after staying awake all morning but she didn’t want to miss a thing!  So I decide to wrap her up super snug  so she was nice and toasty and she crashed out.  It’s funny how you can only really plan so much for a newborn session.  But you kinda have to go with the flow and change things as needed.  I didn’t plan this set up but it turned out to be one of my favorites.  You know I love classic an simple.

classic all white newborn set up

And I even was quick enough to get a little smile.  Maybe she likes me after all 🙂

precous newborn girl smiling in her sleep

While she was wrapped up tight we got Levon for sibling shots.  He was so gentle with her and listened so well.  I love his puppy dog eyes here.  Kind of uncertain about this new little person but loves her just the same.

3 year old boy and newborn sister on white flokati rug

Since she was sound asleep I decided to go back and try the last set up.  I am so glad I did because I loooove how it turned out!  She looked so cozy and snuggly.

newborn girl in bear bonnetsweet profile of a newborn girl

Peach floati: Luneberry

Bear bonnet: Lee Crochet knits for Littles

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