Hazel & Emma {Mandeville LA Family Photographer}

Lizzie and I have been going back and forth for what seemed like forever with planning their session.  We were supposed to have it back in September I think but the sun sets so late in the summer and the girls would have been tired and cranky.  And they were not quite sitting up yet and I thought that would be a good milestone to capture.   Well things definitely work out for a reason because the night of their session was absolutely beautiful.  The weather was perfect.  The air dry and cool and the sunset ah-mazing!  I was so excited to meet these sweet girls.  They were just as cute as can be.  Hazel was very timid and shy and watched me cautiously with her curious eyes and Emma was as happy as ever.  She gave big smiles all evening showing off those two sweet bottom teeth!

6-month-old-twin-girl-sessiHazel & Emma {Mandeville LA Family Photographer}

I mean seriously….it doesn’t get cuter than perfectly cubby 6 month old twin baby girls.


You could feel the love oozing out of these two 🙂  It was wonderful.


My most favorite pic from their session.  A quick moment of just the two of them and those big ole smiles because of two tiny people escaping off of the blanket we put them on.  Never a dull moment I’m sure 🙂


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