I don’t blog my own children often.  Mostly because blogging is time consuming and I probably have thousands of pictures of them.  Literally.  It is what I live for.  It is my most favorite thing in the world to do.  But I was organizing these photos into folders on my computer and I thought they were too sweet not to share.  Every year since she was born we have come out to New Orleans City Park when the beautiful wildflowers were blooming to take pictures.  It is one of my favorite places.  It is literally fields and fields of amazing wildflowers.  There is a sea of purple and pink on one side and a sea of yellows and oranges on the other and it is surrounded by beautiful oak trees…..I mean really.  A photographers dream.

Harley was 9 months old the first time we went and was cute as a button among the flowers.  She just sat where you plopped her down and was content.  Last year she was 22 months old and that was quite a challenge.  She was using her new running skills and she was fast!  I was lucky to get 5 photos in focus lol.

This year my little angel was a dream to photograph.

She was so interested in picking the flowers and dancing in them.  It was wonderful.

Harley 2 years {New Orleans City Park} Little girl picking wildflowers in New Orleans City Park by Annie Whitaker Photography Sea of yellow wildflowers in New Orleans city park by Annie Whitaker Photography Toddler wearing blue dress in yellow wildflowers by Annie Whitaker Photography

We end two times this year.  The first time the flowers were at their peak with endless blooms.  It is definitely a sight to see.  The second time was to meet a sweet client there for a session so I couldn’t resist taking her photos again.  Plus we got this adorable Nora dress by Oliver and June that she just had to model.  The flowers were definitely not as full but it was still so beautiful in a different way. It was perfect.

She was mesmerized by the flowers once again…..This time looking like a little angel in white.

Little girl in white dress holding wildflowers by Annie Whitaker Photograph Beautiful little girl in sea of purple wildflowers by Annie Whitaker Photography New Orleans best children's photographer by Annie Whitaker Photography Little girl dancing in flowers by Annie Whitaker Photography Little girl running in orange wildflowers by Annie Whitaker Photography 2 Year old girl in white dress picking wildflowers at New Orleans City Park by Annie Whitaker Photography

Already thinking of next years photos here 🙂

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