Fine Art Children’s Photography in Mandeville LA {Freas}

I am convinced God puts special people in our lives exactly when we need them. I have been blessed with a group of friends near and dear to my heart as I left the research world and started my journey as a science teacher. Each one bringing different personalities and unique gifts to the group.

Marli is one of the kindest individuals you will ever meet. She is the perfect balance of sugar and spice. Her gift is the ability to know when a friend is in need of a listening ear and putting together the most perfect words to say at just the right time. I struggle with providing words of comfort and she can craft the most beautiful, warm, comforting sentence so effortlessly.

The Freas Children

We have been planning this session longer than I can remember. I think she officially got on my calendar last fall and we planned a spring session. I had just received the most precious dress for Gia and found one that complemented it perfectly for big sister Julia. We talked about the colors in her living room where the photos would go and I saw that she loved hydrangeas so that was a must. And so I started dreaming… to pose her babies, where we would go. How do I make it feel like a little storybook of images of their childhood? How would I contain a fast toddler lol.

I found the answer to that last question one day at an antique store. The most adorable vintage stroller that I could not wait to put Gia in! April finally arrived and you what else…..Covid….and the quarantine. So needless to say the session was pushed back. Then the monsoons that come with summer in Louisiana. Even though it said 0% chance of rain it would STORM everrrrry afternoon. I finally got to photograph them in August. It was even better than I imagined.


This beauty is at the age where life is getting a little harder and she is learning from her sweet mother all of those qualities that make you a well-rounded, strong woman. Julia is SMART as can be, funny, she’s witty, compassionate, caring….You know while I was photographing her she made small talk with me and made me feel so comfortable. I just adore her. Maybe it’s because she loves science as much as I do, maybe because she was so easy to work with or because she is just genuinely a sweetheart.

I asked her to close her eyes and thing of something wonderful, something that makes her happiest and I she gave the most beautiful angelic face…..

fine art photo of girl with hydrangeas

I love that she is still so playful! I asked if the dress was good for twirling, she said absolutely!

The sweet expressions on her face, the flowers in her hair, the petals at her feet….all my favorite.


This handsome man is almost, to the day, the same age as my Harley. Six whole years old. I LOVE this age! Their personalities shine, they are so carefree, and have an ever-changing smile. Gabe started talking the minute he got out of the car. I learned allll about everyone in his family. What color eyes they had, what they liked. All while flashing me the most adorable smiles.

He is a charmer and as friendly as can be. I love how when we were doing photos of all three of them, Marli was trying to get smiles from Gia and Gabe did not take his adoring eyes off of his momma.

boy on ladder holding leaf

One day those sweet little feet will be flat on the ground when he sits. The best thing about pictures is you have a forever reminder of how little they once were.


Well, it is definitely pretty obvious who runs this family. Strong-willed, ridiculously adorable, playful…..BOSS.

I got the BIGGEST, most infectious smiles from the moment I saw her. It is impossible not to smile when you look at her beautiful face. She gets that from her momma. The only time she was not smiling was when she was throwing her tiny boss lady fits when we wanted her to take pictures with her siblings lol. I can’t even deal with how cute she his….hamming it up for the camera. If this one picture does not sum up that little personality…I don’t know what does….

Gia is quite the little momma and loves her babies. My girls hate them so I brought one for her that Harley was scared of lol. She did not want to put it down! So her she is….a baby in a bonnet holding a baby in a bonnet and its pretty much the cutest thing ever.

beautiful photo of baby in a bonnet

Sweet girl, a natural beauty.

baby girl posing for camera

This one photo of all three of them I dreamed of for months. I couldn’t waitttttt to use the little stroller and see all of their outfits come together. I envisioned them playing together…Gia just letting that personality shine lol.

This one though might be my favorite…..Julia so proper and such a good listener, Gabe happy and relaxed, and Gia…….being Gia.

three children on bridge

Soooo much personality in one tiny human!

You know it’s a fun time in this household! I bet never a dull moment. Grateful for the opportunity to photograph these beautiful babies and so lucky I get to call Marli my friend <3

Now booking fall session. If you are interested in scheduling a session, fill out my contact form today.

Fine Art Children’s Photography in Mandeville LA {Freas}