Fine Art Children’s Photography in Covington LA

Fine Art Children’s Photography in Covington LA

It’s hard to believe we have had 6 years with this sweet girl. Harley was the sweetest surprise that turned our world upside down. She is wild and adventurous and loves being outside. She is always on a mission to catch bugs or frogs and to get dirty. I knew from the moment I saw this tree that a swing was going on that branch. And I knew just the little girl that would enjoy it.

Harley 6 years old

Fine art photograph of little girl on swing

The day of her birthday party my husband went out to the property to hang it up. We had to go pick up her cake and had a few minutes to spare so we stopped by. I didn’t tell her what the surprise was and that she had to find it. We started walking under the big oaks when she spotted it and squealed with joy and took off running.

She had a little trouble getting on at first but now she is an old pro. She was nervous that it would hold her so my husband told her to hop off so he could show her how it’s done lol.

Needless to say, this little photo shoot has been in my head since we purchased the swing. She loves being pushed high and loves standing on it. It is big enough for both of us to fit or a friend when they come to visit and will definitely occupy her time when we are working out there.

For weeks leading up to her birthday she kept saying over and over..”I’m going to be six years old”. She was so proud of being another year older that I wanted to mark that milestone. This precious swing was from Peg and Awl and they did such a wonderful job.

I love her free spirt messy hair and all….

beautiful photo of little girl in sage dress by Well dressed wolf

I have so many favorite spots on this property. Especially this little mossy bench nature created.

Fine art photo of little girl in Well Dressed Wolf dress

She looks like a little fairy that landed for a break <3

You know I’m a planner, especially when it comes to sessions. One day, when she turns 16 my plan is to return to her little swing in a fancy grown up green dress and recreate these. My heart hurts a little at the reality of how fast that will come. But for now, I will adore every minute with my wild, toothless 6 year old. Can’t wait to get her big sissy out there for photos of them both….see always planning.

Fine Art Children’s Photography in Covington LA

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