Fine Art Child Photography in Covington LA

Fine Art Child Photography in Covington LA

I think God keeps sending me these little creatures to keep my mind off of the sadness in the world. We found this baby crying and starving on the ground I put her in a safe place in hopes that the mom would come back but she never did.

My sweet hubby brought her home to me. I know you are required by law to bring the to a hummingbird rescue but during the quarantine unfortunately it was difficult to do. I called and called lots of places with no luck and got on waiting lists. I could’t sit back and do nothing. There really wasn’t much info online either with is frustrating. All I knew is that I couldn’t just give her sugar water. She needed protein too.

I made her a nest out of an old baby bonnet lined with paper towels. I ordered a very expensive baby hummingbird feed (Nektar) that was going to take a few days to come in. Luckily I found this website which was very helpful and gave me instructions for a hummingbird baby formula to feed her in the meantime. I had the honor of feeding her every 30 minutes for a week before we got her into a proper hummingbird wildlife rescue facility to safety release her into the wild.

It was such an amazing experience. She went from barely moving and crying to full of life happy as can be!

This baby could eat! I would open her box and she would hop on my hand, open her mouth and take her “bottle”. The picture of her mouth open is what I would see. It was so cute!

baby hummingbird with mouth open waiting to eat

Harley Hummingbird ?

The day she flew I was so proud! We came so far. It was like a baby learning to walk. And the funny thing was when I wanted her to come back I would just make a chirping sound and she would come back to her box. I was really sad the day I dropped her off but knew she was in the best hands. Scroll down if you missed the video of her. It’s the sweetest!

Finally I got in touch with Clearwater Animal Sanctuary. They were very sweet and said I did everything right and gave me the option to release her myself or they could slowly do it. I thought it was best they do it. She was my baby and I didn’t just want to let her go and hope for the best. So we scheduled a drop of for her the next afternoon.

I miss the baby bird! But I was happy to know she went to a safe place.

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Fine Art Child Photography in Covington LA

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