Covington newborn photographer {Nolan}

Covington newborn photographer {Nolan}

I went to school with this beautiful boy’s grandmother (I’m not even saying how long ago lol). Boy let me tell you the genes in their family run strong. She was trying to tell me how much her son looked like her. When he showed up it was crazy obvious. Almost identical! And baby Nolan favored dad when he was a baby so you know exactly what he is going to look like lol. He was so tiny and sweet and born with soft hair that had completely disappeared the next time I saw him. It’s amazing how fast they grow and change.

He had an animal theme in his nursery so I was excited to incorporate some of the beautiful ferns I had discovered outside…..and of course a tiny bear bonnet was a must. Green was the perfect accent color for this precious baby.

NOLAN 2 weeks

I recently got this vintage crib and I’m loving doing set ups in it. It reminds me of peeking over the crib to check on them…..Although that getting babies to sleep alone in their cribs is one thing I’ve failed two times at lol.

fine art photo of newborn in crib

Oh my goodness it’s just so sweet!! His little curled legs and toes peeking out. And how he is holding the little bear?! I love it so much.

Mom and dad came back the following week so I could get a family photo. And look at that….a sweet smile for the perfect photo!

family of 3 with smiling newborn

I mean it just doesn’t get better than that?!

I enjoyed this session so much. It was fun catching up with an old friend and playing with her beautiful grand baby.

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Bear bonnet from: Heartstrings by Susi

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