Covington LA newborn photographer {Beau Dempsey}

Another beautiful family bringing me baby number 2 for their newborn session. I think watching families grow is one of my favorite things about this job. This family in particular comes up with the COOLEST names for their kids. I met Maverick almost 3 years ago for his newborn session. His baby brother, Beau Dempsey, looks a lot like him but they have very different temperaments. It’s so funny how siblings can be so similar and so different all at the same time. Beau was SO relaxed. I could’ve posed him all day.

Beau Dempsey Day 5

Usually as a newborn photographer I see a streak of girls or a streak of boys. I had quite a few girls at the end of last year and this year has been lots of boys. His momma had one request, a photo with a bear bonnet and bear lovie. That is one of my favorite things to do so of course I was going to do that set up. However, she wanted my gray set. Because I have a home studio, my daughter, Harley, is constantly making her own newborn set ups and stealing my props. Including my tiny gray bear. Whenever something comes up missing I know exactly where it is lol. I have to say, I do adore the mint though.

I just got a new bed in the mail so of course my next newborn was going to try it out. It just so happened to be Beau. I am definitely a sucker for a baby in a basket and a baby in a tiny bed!

newborn boy in mint bear bonnet on little bed

It’s just too sweet!!

I love my neutrals and had to squeeze a few in.

We kept him wrapped up nice and cozy for family photos. At first big brother wasn’t having it. Well most of the time but I managed to somehow get a smile. He knew he was putting on a show lol. My favorite photo is of Beau with his sweet momma. She looked so beautiful and peaceful holding him.

It was so wonderful seeing this precious family again! They have the sweetest boys and I love that Maverick has a forever friend now.

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Covington LA newborn photographer {Beau Dempsey}

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