Covington LA Family Session

I did newborn photos for this sweet family a few years ago and it was so wonderful to walk into their house and see a beautiful canvas of my work on their walls. This little session was so much fun! The kids were dressed ready for the holidays and we had their session on their beautiful property in Covington. I was so excited to use a new location! I think it made their session extra special.

Garland, George and Birdie

How precious are their names??! So unique. I love them. They were all smiles and played just about the whole time.

Covington LA Family Session
beautiful family of five in Christmas clothes

There were soooo many beautiful spots on their property! It was hard to narrow down locations for their photos.

I don’t think any session is complete without someone dabbing lol.

This bunch was so adorable. They had me laughing the whole time. It was easy to talk them into playing ring-around-the-rosie. I love the beautiful fall colors behind them. We usually don’t see this in Louisiana. It goes from green to brown pretty quickly. This year we actually saw some red, yellow and orange. It was wonderful!

The last photo of the evening was the best….after an hour of trying to round up the kids we just let them go. I think this is my favorite. Real life photos are the best.

three kids running around parents

Such a sweet family session. I love getting the opportunity to watch these families grow. Garland, George and Birdie could not be more adorable!

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Covington LA Family Session