Covington LA Children’s Photographer {Luke and James}

It is hard for me to believe that I have been photographing this precious family for three years now. And not only that, I have been blessed to be a part of each and every milestone for these sweet boys. From newborn to tummy time to sitting up to standing and beyond. Just a few months ago, Luke wanted nothing to do with the camera or being in a photo with James and this time I felt like he just grew up over night! He was such a big boy! So well behaved and so sweet with his little brother. And James! How is this sweet little teeny tiny baby ONE already…He looked so much like his big brother the first few months but has slowly changed into his own little adorable self.

Brandie wanted to go to downtown Covington for this milestone session. I think we have been just about everywhere from beautiful winter sunsets to fields of flowers, but this setting was just perfect for these brothers. Our first stop was the old hardware store…..I love any chance I get to use this spot.

Luke 3 and James 1

Brothers at old hardware store Covington LA Children's Photographer {Luke and James}

I had to include this outtake….if that is not the sweetest smile Luke is giving his momma…

Covington LA Children's Photographer {Luke and James}

This little bridge is my favorite spot in downtown Covington. I love it because of how different the location looks at different times of the year and even different times of the day. I was here just last weekend in the evening and it was super sunny. Their session was on a gloomy Saturday morning and I love how moody it looks.

What better way to finish a session than splashing in a fountain!

brothers splashing in fountain

What an honor it has been these past few years to be a part of such special times. The years fly by but it makes my heart happy knowing that there are lots of photos to remember them by.

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