Covington LA Children’s Photographer {Harley Camellia’s}

My goal this year is to do a session with Harley every month. This was my February shoot. My husband and I have been looking at property mostly for fun and back in October I spotted this camellia bush covered in buds. At the time I didn’t know the color but knew I was coming back with Harley in February when they usually bloom.

I knew they were going to be beautiful, I just didn’t think this beautiful! They were ginormous flowers and many different shades of pink and red with splashes of yellow. I was kind of overwhelmed at the time with client sessions in the evening and wanted to go so badly so one Sunday morning we put Harley in the car in her robe and I grabbed my coffee and we set out so I could take some photos of her.

The lighting wasn’t great, it was pretty awful really. Bright and sunny. I tried to wait for clouds but they were far and few in between. I did put her in the shadiest spot but the sun was shining directly on the bush. It didn’t matter. She loved twirling in the petals and looking for lady bugs in the flowers and the sun just added a beautiful warmth. I love them.

Harley 5 and 1/2

She didn’t feel like putting on a dress but was happy to wear this adorable pink coat from The Paper Doll over her pajamas.

The flowers were so beautiful they deserved their own close up.

fine art photo of camellia flowers

It was a fun little morning session with my little one! I’m proud I’m keeping up with my goal lol.

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Covington LA Children’s Photographer {Harley Camellia’s}


I love all that you do Moomie! I get teary with everyone of Harley and Mattie and all your babies. And the stories you tell about them. I love you so much. Mom ?