Covington LA children’s photographer {Harley Butterfly}

Once upon a quarantine…chapter 2….???

The one thing this quarantine has offered us is the gift of time. Our lives are SO busy. I teach high school full time five days a week and run a full time photography business that I squeeze into my early mornings, late evenings and weekends. In the mix of that my family has it’s own busy schedule with school and homework and dance class…

I am on such a tight schedule usually that if I deviate just a little bit the balance is thrown off and I can’t keep up. So I don’t deviate. I don’t slow down and brush over so many beautiful moments just to keep up with life. I am always in a rush needing to get somewhere or do something. So I am extremely grateful for this gift. 

I sit in silence in the morning and drink my coffee hot, listen to the birds chirp. Maybe have a 2nd cup. I wait for Harley to wake up and we actually sit at the table and have breakfast. And talk. We start her classes and in between her lessons I teach mine. For lunch we go on walks or swim. Mattie takes breaks from her studies and they color together. It is so nice. 

Harley Butterfly

My bestie (and lucky for me neighbor) brought home a milkweed plant fullllll of hungry caterpillars so naturally Harley had to have one. We had all the time to watch the amazing transformation as it formed a beautiful green chrysalis that totally looked like it had gold leaf accents (see video below if you missed it) and waited not so patiently lol checking it daily for it to emerge. 

Her reaction was priceless! She was so excited. I let her have the day to play with her new friend that she named…wait for it….Harley Butterfly. We ended her butterfly day with a little photo shoot. The sound of her squealing with joy as it’s little feet tickled her face was the best sound in the world. We set Harley Butterfly free and watched her fly away. And every time we go for a walk she is on the lookout for her new friend ?

This may be one of my favorite sessions! Such a beautiful creature.

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Covington LA children’s photographer {Harley Butterfly}