Covington LA Children’s Photographer {Eleanore}

Covington LA Children’s Photographer {Eleanore}

I teach with this crew’s mama and it has been so much fun to plan a session for them. She loves blue tones and the beautiful ivy at the landing in downtown Covington complements their outfits perfectly. It is such a great spot too because it is nice and shady and I can have sessions with little ones early.

This bunch was so funny! Three different kids with three different hair colors, different eye colors and three very different personalities!

Cohen 8

This little man is hilarious. He is definitely the clown in the family. He goofed off the whole time making the funniest faces and saying the funniest things. I laughed their whole session because of him. With big blue eyes and blond hair he was funny and charming….

Claire 6

This beauty here…..I am extremely jealous of her amazing red hair. It is the most beautiful hair I have seen. She was quiet and sweet and loved on her sister effortlessly when asked. She was the easy one lol.

Cate 2

Then there was this little fire cracker here lol. The biggest personality of the bunch, hamming it up the whole time. She wanted the session all about her, I think. She was all smiles by herself but we had to trick her to join her siblings.

I can’t take the bubble, the chubby little legs, the pigtails, the duck boots…..cutest thing EVER!

Getting three kids to cooperate is always a challenge. I was laughing the whole time at the chaos but knowing it would all turn out in the end.

And when all else fails….a game of ring-around-the-rosie for the win!

The plans for their session has been in a folder on my phone for a few months now. It is always my favorite part seeing it come to life.

What an adorable bunch! I know it has to be fun in that house. They were so precious, each in their own way.

Now booking spring sessions, if you are interested in scheduling a session, fill out my contact form today.

Covington LA Children’s Photographer {Eleanore}

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