Covington LA Child Photographer {Harley}

Covington LA Child Photographer {Harley}

Gosh I don’t even know where to begin with this post with our world being turned upside down. Part of me was hesitant to post and schedule posts, but I think we need some beauty in our newsfeeds amidst all of the chaos. 

I also teach science courses at an all girls catholic high school and received notice yesterday we will be implementing virtual classrooms starting Monday for the next month. If you are also a teacher in this position, please comment your thoughts, suggestions and/or ideas to help make this transition smooth and effective. 

I understand the need for it and am not going to lie I’m a little nervous, because, you see, I still need to prepare these girls for college. The school has a plan in place and I am confident we will still be able to challenge and engage the students in a different way, but change is always scary. I see the future of classroom preparedness to be very different going forward. In addition to lockdown drills preparing students for intruders, we will have to have virtual learning plans going forward. 

I will also have Harley home with me, and while instructing my students in my virtual classrooms, I will be working with her to keep her up with her kindergarten studies…for the next month….Feel free to send me allllll fo the wine lol. 

I told my students this is one of those things they will always remember. It’s something that becomes a marker in your life. For all of my Louisiana peeps who went through Katrina, you talk about life pre-Katrina. This will be one of those events like that where we all come out of it different than when we went into it. Avoid those public places, wash your hands and pray?

On a different note…..I took Harley out for these photos at my grandmother’s house. She went to heaven in September. At first I was just going to go to my usual spots to get pics of here in this sweet little The Paper Doll dress but then I thought I wanted something special so her house was perfect. Lot’s of sweet memories there growing up ?The perfect vintage shoe for all of your photo shoots: The Sweetest Shoes

And one last thing….how sweet is her new smile with that missing tooth.

Covington LA Child Photographer {Harley}

I know things are crazy now but I am hopeful that they will get better. I’d love to plan a special session with your little ones in the fall. Space is limited. Fill out my contact form to get in touch.

Covington LA Child Photographer {Harley}

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