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Covington family photographer {Josie}

Covington family photographer {Josie}

I have to say I have been blessed with the best friends. Jennifer and I met though a local photography group and she just so happened to have a little girls a month older than Harley (that month is a very important difference when you are six). They have become such good friends and do everything together….go to school, go to dance, endless playdates, soon to be gymnastics. They are lucky to grow up together.

Jennifer asked for a session in the fall but I asked her to wait because I had ordered almost 1000 tulip and daffodil bulbs…..and she did. The problem with planning a session around flowers is once they start blooming you have like a 1-2 week window. I remember going out to the property on Sunday and seeing then all in bloom. I knew it had to happen soon. Luckily, Jennifer is able to throw things together pretty quickly and she had outfits ready and we were able to do her session that Friday evening. And I am so glad we did because it was just perfect!

Josie 6 years old

I loved Josie’s dress so much! The yellow is perfect on her and the apron’s pockets were perfect for stuffing with flowers. Well Dressed Wolf always has the sweetest little dresses.

I think that is one of my favorite family photos!

Naturally, when you have a wardrobe as extensive as Josie’s, an outfit change is necessary……

I guess there has been talk on the playground about the tire swing because Josie was pretty excited to try it. I just hoped it lived up to all of the talk lol. It’s funny because either kids love it or are terrified of it. I think she loved it. Last but not least…. my favorite photo….her sweet little lashes and freckles…the best <3

Always a fun time when it’s sessions with friends!

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