Covington children’s photographer {Kholsen and Kain}

I was nervous, excited alll the feelings for this session. Tracy is a friend of mine from wayyyy back in high school and I was truly honored that she valued my photography and booked a session for her two boys. I had never met them and was excited about that. I’ve loved watching them grow up on facebook and I knew that Tracy valued photography and was great at documenting her boy’s milestones so I really wanted this to be extra special for her. We went back and forth on outfits and ideas and locations and in the end it ended up more perfect than I could imagine for two brothers. If I had two boys I would want photos of exactly this. The vintage overalls and jeans from her grandpa, rolling around barefoot in the grass, baby chicks! It was everything I dreamed of. I think think the best sessions for me are the ones where the client trusts me completely and lets me have full control as if they were my own children. I could not love this more.

They were the cuuuutest little boys you ever did meet. So sweet, so different and SO full of personality.

Kholsen and Kain

We went to our property in Covington with the big oaks and tree swings.

The tree swing is always a favorite of mine and kids that visit. They were just so cute together. This one is my favorite…..

We waited to pull the chicks out of the car…….It was so funny how different they were in handling them. They had me cracking up.

Last but not least when the sun goes down a bit….the tire swing and the best branch to climb…..

I enjoyed this session so much! I love all the things about childhood. As a momma this session captures everything I’d want to remember.

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Covington children’s photographer {Kholsen and Kain}