Child photographer in Covington LA {chick dollhouse}

Child photographer in Covington LA {chick dollhouse}

This little momma hen loved her babies sooooo. I knew I wanted to create something special for her to remember them by. I m ean she took care of them everrrrry single day. She checked on each egg and watched them carefully after they hatched?

Fine art photography creative shoot with dollhouse

Harley’s had her chicks did everything with her. They watched tv with her, she carried around in her pocket everywhere, rocked them to sleep. The list goes on. She gave them “enrichment time” in my living room. And were playmates as a tiny chicken family that lived in her dollhouse. 

What started as a class project that I was stressing out about over turned into the most fun ever. A blessing in disguise. ??  

Not only did she learn first hand about animal development and the miracle of life but they occupied her for endless hours and I got have some creative fun with my camera ??

Harley was sooooo good at getting her chicks to sleep. It was so funny because she would cradle them in her arms upside down like you would hold a real baby and they would crash out. It was so precious but… looked like she was walking around with a dead chicken lol. 

The chicks found their permanent homes but if you follow my page, our next science experiment just “hatched” as Harley says. Her caterpillar just emerged as a beautiful monarch butterfly! She was beyond excited. Of course, there was a photoshoot involved…..Stay tuned ?

Child photographer in Covington LA {chick dollhouse}

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Child photographer in Covington LA {chick dollhouse}

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