Sometimes, I have a client that walks right into my heart. Cher was one of those people. I felt love, kindness and appreciation from her very first email.
Every mom that brings me their sweet newborns has a different journey to motherhood. Cher has experienced something no parent ever should. The loss of a child. As a mother myself, my heart ached for her. Even though we’ve never met, I prayed often for her during her pregnancy that this baby would be placed safely in her arms. And he was. He couldn’t be more perfect with soft red hair just like his mommas.
I knew I wanted this session to be extra special for her. She mentioned to me that she would like to incorporate a nature theme-which carried great significance to them. So I did an all outdoor newborn session for her. I put my whole heart into all of my sessions, but this one especially and I adore how it turned out. Cher couldn’t have been more breathtakingly beautiful.

Welcome to the world Cedar. 5 days old 

Outdoor newborn session by Annie Whitaker Photography

I have so many favorites from this session….He smiled so many times!  And they were big beautiful smiles that you just can’t miss.

Smiling newborn outside by Annie Whitaker Photography Stunning outdoor newborn photography by Annie Whitaker Photography

This was my first full outdoor newborn session that included family photos and full newborn set ups.  I was a bit nervous but he was such a good baby and things went surprisingly smoothly.  I had dreams about this set up.  I couldn’t wait to do it!

Newborn in bear bonnet in tree by Annie whitaker Photography Baby in froggy pose on tree roots by Annie Whitaker Photography

I just loved how it turned out.  After I finished Cedar by himself we did family photos.  I love how at peace and happy momma was with her baby in her arms.  I love this picture so much.

Stunning photo of mother holding newborn sitting in tree by Annie Whitaker Photography

Mother with her babies by annie Whitaker PHotography

His big sister Freyja was pretty amazing.  Not only did she wait patiently for about an hour while I finished Cedar’s photos but she was so good when it came time for her photo with her brother.

When planning this sweet boy’s session, his mom mentioned that dragonflies and butterflies were very significant to them since they lost his sister Artemis. I thought no problem, I can always Photoshop some in. Well turns out there was no need for that. Artemis decided to join us all on her own 

Big sister cradling brother by Annie Whitaker Photography

I have to share what Cher commented on this post on Facebook.  Her story of hope is so beautiful and inspirational to those who have suffered a loss.

Words from Mom:

“Thought I would leave the story here in case it might brighten someone’s day or lend some inspiration. ❤️

Our Artemis has touched the hearts of so many already. I’m amazed by all the shares, but honestly not surprised. She was real. She is still our baby girl, guiding and protecting our hearts, always carrying us messages and letting us know she is with us.

Since her stillbirth in August 2016 at 22 weeks, 6 days, due to a chronic placental abruption, turned to CAOS, PPROM, and eventual preterm labor that had to be augmented for my safety, Artemis June has made her presence known to us every day by sending us the most beautiful butterflies and dragonflies, orbs in her birth photos and Cedar’s maternity photos, and once – a rainbow directly over our house for only a minute while we were outside playing.

While bare-knuckle boxing the heavy bag my Husband put up for me in our garage so I could just hit something after losing her, the wind blew the garage door wide open and when I looked over at it, there was a giant orange Monarch butterfly in the doorway. It went out of sight for a moment and something told me to keep looking…It came back in sight, and brought a small, white butterfly with it. They played together for what seemed like an eternity as I stood there, watching.
In that instant, I knew that not only was I pregnant, but that she had brought us a very special Spirit.

It took 5 more days to get a positive pregnancy test, but it eventually happened. Even though I knew I would be getting my Rainbow Baby, I had no idea how much he would heal my shattered heart. Even his 2.5 hour unplanned unassisted homebirth was a source of healing for me and for our family.

As you can see in this photo, during our newborn photoshoot, a giant blue dragonfly (blue for peace, and also doesn’t blend into the grass ?), was circling around my skirt. When holding Cedar’s head up in Freyja’s lap so our amazing photographer Annie could get set up, the dragonfly landed on my hand and stayed there for at least 1 minute. My Husband and I looked at each other in amazement. Freyja said, “It’s my baby sister!”
I moved my hand away to give Annie the shot, and the dragonfly landed onto Freyja’s knee. Baby brother on the right knee; baby sister on the left. Kelsey and I shared another glance, amazed, and teared up when we would get to have a picture of our 3 babies…no Photoshop necessary. ?

I could write so much more, but I still have to finish writing my birth story ?, and I’m rather preoccupied getting newborn snuggles, so I’ll leave everyone with this:
You may not believe in these signs, this beauty, this magic, and you certainly don’t have to…but I know the only reason I’m functioning and filled with Love and bliss today is because I do. So if you’re hurting, lost, or broken, remember to look. Just notice and breathe it in. Do good for others – small acts of kindness – and notice the good that comes back to you.

Be the Light; see the Light.
Love and Light to all, always, all ways…from our Family of 5 to you and yours…”

I mean totally makes my heart want to explode…..

And of course we need one with his sweet Dad.  Dads love snuggling their newborns too.

Dad holding newborn by Annie Whitaker Photography

I think this may be my favorite photo from their session.  Momma requested a breastfeeding photo and it was perfect because after that long session Cedar was nice and hungry.  She was absolutely stunning.

Cedar Day 5 {New Orleans Newborn Photographer}

And of course a family photo.  Sweet Freyja was just amazing with her brother.

Outdoor family photo with newborn by Annie Whitaker Photography

I wasn’t gonna share this one but I thought momma would like it.  A special version of the photo above to incorporate the butterflies that were the sign from Armetis that Cedar was on his way <3

Mother nursing newborn by Annie Whitaker Photography

Sessions like this fuel my love and passion for photographer.  So grateful this beautiful family came into my life.

If you or anyone you know is expecting and would like a session with me, fill out my contact form and I will be in touch!  Spots are very limited as I am also a full time teacher 🙂



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