Cameron 3 weeks {New Orleans Best Newborn Photographer}

Cameron 3 weeks {New Orleans Newborn Photographer}

Cameron was due on February 16th but decided to make his appearance in January.  We had to reschedule for various reasons and it worked out perfectly because his session fell just around his due date.  When Stephanie walked in with Cameron he had a little hat on and I could see his incredible hair peeking through.  I couldn’t wait to take his hat off.

This baby….oh my goodness…one of the most beautiful babies I’ve ever seen!  Because technically he was three weeks old at the time of his session I knew it would be a bit more challenging than a baby one week old so I wrapped him up for some photos swaddled.  That tends to calm babies down and make them feel cozy.  He was very content all wrapped up.

Newborn boy in potato sack posenewborn boy in all grey set-up

After these set-ups he wanted a snack… and was wide a wake for a little bit.  But that just meant I was getting an adorable wide-eyed shot.

Awake newborn smiling

I got him fast to sleep after that and managed to get froggy pose and a few on the bean bag while he was in dreamland….

newborn boy with amazing hairamazing New Orleans newborn photographer

If I had a baby boy, I would want his session to look just like Cameron’s.  I adored the colors and every single set-up.

little boy blue newborn

Big brother Roman was so good with his new bag brother.  I love how I told him to give him a kiss and they both puckered up.  Notice Roman’s incredible lashes….

newborn boy and brother

I don’t think a mother can have too many photos with her newborn.  And I see exactly where they get their lashes from….

Mother and newbornmom snuggling newbornmother kissing newborn

I love how teeny tiny newborns look in their dads hands.

dad holding newbornfamily of four

One of my favorite things is seeing how a gallery comes together.  So much planning goes into designing a session and work during the session and after in processing.  It is definitely a labor of love and one that I absolutely adore.  This gallery is so beautiful and is going to be gorgeous hanging on their walls!

Cameron 3 weeks {New Orleans Best Newborn Photographer}

Check out Cameron under my “Featured Sessions”.  If you are interested in scheduling a newborn session, contact me today!


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  1. This newborn set is so sweet and precious. Congrats to the family and keep doing such amazing newborn photography! Love your work so much!