I’m gonna warn you….I’m totally going to over share his session.  Why?  He’s the first boy I had in a while, he’s ridiculously gorgeous, and I loved every single set up because his momma told me I could do what ever I wanted.  If I had a baby boy, I would want exactly this.  This little chunk was 9.5 lbs at birth and came to me at 2 weeks old.  I love  when parents send me pics of the baby.  I think it helps me better plan set ups based on skin tones but it also makes me super excited to see who I’m going to be working with.  I was sooooo excited to see his AMAZING hair!  For real, a picture does not do it justice.

Sweet Bennett…two weeks old 🙂

baby boy in potato sac pose by annie Whitaker Photography baby boy in bear bonnet by Annie Whitaker Photography

It almost didn’t feel right covering it up with a bonnet….but what a cute little bear he was!

I think my most favorite color for a newborn is grey.  I love it for boys and girls.  It was perfect for him.

Newborn boy all snuggled in grey wrap and bonnet by Annie Whitaker Photography Bennett 2 weeks {Covington, LA newborn photographer} baby profile picture by annie Whitaker Photography

He was such a relaxed little guy.  You can totally tell their personalities very early on.  I think he is gonna be pretty darn sweet.

Chunky baby boy by Annie Whitaker Photography side view of froggy pose by Annie Whitaker Photography perfect womb pose by Annie Whitaker Photography sweet little baby on tan backdrop by Annie Whitaker Photographysimple newborn set up by Annie Whitaker Photography

I have a bad habit of shooting mostly horizontal.  I decided to mix things up for a little variety and love it!  Might have to do it more often if I remember.

vertical newborn photo by Annie Whitaker Photography

Bennett has just about the best big sister and brother ever.  Miss Colette was just a sweetheart.  I could’ve kept her.  And Joseph was adorable. Sometimes having a two year old sibling can be a challenge to photograph with the new baby.  Sometimes they want nothing to do with the baby.  Ummmm not this guy.  He jumped right in and gave the biggest smile.  He may or may not have been bribed with a popsicle 🙂

Beautiful sibling photo with newborn by Annie Whitaker Photography

And because there is no leaving without one family photo….even in my teeny space.  I think Bennett is pretty darn happy finally getting to be with his family.  I couldn’t love this more.

Best first family photo ever by Annie Whitaker Photography



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I love your work,!! photograph newborns is not easy at all and these photos are amazing!!

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