Baton Rouge Children’s Photographer

Baton Rouge Children’s Photographer

Ok so I know I say this literally every time but I LOVED THIS SESSION!!! Maybe it’s because I just love what I do SO much. Getting to dress up children in vintage clothes and photograph them on the most beautiful property is just a dream come true. Alexa’s mom reached out to me from CALIFORNIA for a session. She is originally from Louisiana where her sister still lives so she planned a visit this spring and a trip to my studio for an afternoon of fun. I just got this 1940’s aqua dress from England and could not wait to use it.

I was nervous with them coming from so far because of the rain we get this time of year. They were only in town for a few days so I needed to be flexible. Of course our scheduled day for their session had a forecast of rain so we bumped it up to a Friday afternoon after my last class. I rushed to the studio to meet them.

Luckily, the weather was perfect. Even nice and overcast which makes for the perfect backdrop by the trees. We started their session inside with baby chicks. Alexa is an animal lover and was totally in her element….Mayah not so much lol.


These girls were incredible. Two natural beauties who where just a pleasure to be around. Kind of at that in between stage between little kid and big kid. Perfect time to capture some memories. The overcast skies were perfect. The light was bright and diffuse and so I could use my favorite little patch of clovers. Miss Alexa didn’t need a cue to twirl. She did so naturally and with so much joy!

So much sweetness! They just played and played. They enjoyed the swing so much and I got the biggest smiles. This is the most magical tree especially this time of year. Because of all of the rain the grounds were sloppy so I asked them to bring rain boots if they had them just to get to the different locations in the yard. But once they had them on we didn’t want to take them off!

Aren’t they the cutest cousins!? One of my favorite childhood memories was getting together with my cousins. My sisters and I would look forward to every holiday where we would all get together at Grandma’s house. It was always a the best time!

Spring came and went! Now booking FALL sessions can you believe it? If you are interested in scheduling a session, fill out my contact form HERE or email me at anniewhitakerphotography@whit8602Baton Rouge Children’s Photographer

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