Nothing I love more than photographing my dear friends babies.  And lucky for me, with Jen Jen I get a new one every year (he he just kidding Jen Jen.  I didn’t get one in 2016).  You may remember sweet Lizzy’s session.  It was one of my favorites because it was mostly neutrals and she was so dainty and easy to pose.  You can see more of that session here.

Abita Springs newborn photographer by Annie Whitaker Photography

This was big sister Lizzy…..see if  you see a resemblance. Big brother Owen’s pictures were taken before I became an avid blogger 🙂 So you should notice how fair Adeline is in comparison to Lizzy.  And I swear she is going to have blond hair.  And this little lady was so teeny tiny and just as cute as can be!

Newborn girl on pink backdrop by Annie Whitaker Photography Newborn wearing Ivy and Nell headband by Annie Whitaker Photography Pale pink newborn set up by Annie Whitaker Photography

Sweet baby looked so pretty in the palest pink with her fair skin.  I had three newborn girls to photograph last week so I’ve used pretty much every shade of pink 🙂   I am a sucker for a baby in a bonnet.  My almost three year old still wears them when I can get her to lol.

Perfect side pose using posing beans by annie Whitaker Photography

Oh my….how sweet is this sleepy hat from Avonli baby.…just taking a snooze…

newborn in sleepy hat by Annie Whitaker Photography

There is nothing I love more than a black and white newborn photo with just baby.  Takes me back to my photography roots.  Hard to believe that I have been photographing newborns for almost 16 years.

Newborn baby in taco pose by Annie Whitaker Photography

She’s just perfect.  Of course I couldn’t let her leave without some neutral set ups…She looked beautiful in everything I put her in.  These colors reminded me of Lizzy’s session.

newborn in froggy pose by Annie Whitaker Photography profile of newborn by Annie Whitaker Photography Ivy and Nell headband on newborn by annie Whitaker Photography Perfect bum up pose on newborn girl by Annie Whitaker Photography

Another black and white of this beauty.

beautiful black and white photo of newborn girl by Annie Whitaker Photography

At 8 days new, she was still so curly.

Adeline Day 8 {Abita Springs LA Newborn Photographer}

So having a home studio my kids are pretty close by.  It actually works out perfect because my 15 year old Mattie watches my 2 year old Harley.  Harley likes to come and see the babies after.  She thinks they are there to see her.  Well since it was just my Jen Jen coming I let Harley stay to play.   Jen brought her son Owen to play with Harley while I photographed his sister.  Lucky for me this provided me with the cutest little photo bomb pretty much every 30 minutes.  She totally looks like a crazy Moses in the desert.  This girl always makes me laugh.

newborn session photobomb by Annie Whitaker Photography

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These are stunning!!! gorgeous baby and i love all the pinks!

Lol., what a cute photo-bomber! Love this session – beautiful baby and adorable poses!

Beautiful work. I adore the candid shot at the end.

Beautiful photos! That last one is just the icing in the cake though!!

So precious! You captured their abita springs newborn session perfectly!

Oh my! what a gorgeous studio newborn session! love! i know her parents are so thrilled with these!

Beautiful newborn session! Perfect colors for such a sweet little girl.