Addie & Maddie {New Orleans Twin Newborn Photographer}

Addie & Maddie {New Orleans Twin Newborn Photographer}

So I know it’s pretty obvious by now…..I love babies.

I love how tiny they are, their little features, how sweet they smell.  Pretty much love everything about them.  I love even more being able to highlight those things.  Purposefully posing them so mom and dad can remember those precious delicate features that change so fast.  There is something special when I am brought twins.  Not only do I get to do everything I love with one baby, but I get the opportunity to photograph something so unique and special…the interaction between two siblings that were created together and have grown and developed together.  It is pretty incredible.

twin-baby-girls-sleepingAddie & Maddie {New Orleans Twin Newborn Photographer}

I love every part of a photo session.

I love styling sessions, I love taking photographs and I love the magic that happens in photoshop where I turn the images into the vision in my head.  It is important to me to keep things soft and simple.  I am definitely a neutral lover and would to all earth and skin tone sessions if I could.  It is cohesive and beautiful and I adore a completed gallery of a neutral styled session.  So obviously I am in love with this one.  Addie and Maddie were just beautiful and their beauty is only highlighted by the simple props I chose for their session.



As much as I adore posing and photographing twins, I think it is so important to also document them as individuals.  Its funny how I thought they looked SO similar together but seeing them in their individual photos you see how truly different they are.



At every newborn session I do an all cream set up.  It is always my favorite.  This was no exception.  I do think that sweet smile contributed a bit.


How lucky are these girls to have a big brother to protect them.  Donnie was so proud and he handled his sisters so delicately.


Last but not least……First family photo.  Mom looking fabulous, Dad and big brother so proud, and those sweet girls snug and safe and already so loved.


Lace wrap: Mia Joy Studios

Tiebacks: Ivy & Nell Baby

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